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Hours of rare ABBA footage on VHS video!

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a series of videos with very rare and sought-
after ABBA footage! TV appearances, interviews,
rare promo videos, and much more! This is the
footage ABBA fans have wanted and searched
for - now it's here!

Each video is labeled and recorded
professionally on brand virgin videotape
at SP speed. Each is packaged in a hard
plastic video case with custom cover with
artwork (some are pictured, more shown soon).
Each video is $20.00 plus shipping (rates
below). Discounts are given for buying various
quantities of ABBA videos! All ordering information
and pricing discounts can be found at the bottom
of this webpage.

The videos in the ABBA Rarities Collection ----


Our lead-off ABBA video is definitely one of our most popular! It starts off with a great appearance on the children's show "Wonderama" from 1975 where ABBA is interviewed (great interview!) between performances of "Mama Mia," "SOS" and "Fernando." Next is ABBA's legendary "Saturday Night Live" TV appearance, where they do "SOS" and "Waterloo" in the middle of a "Titanic" skit, where Benny and Bjorn start laughing at what's going on in front of them! "Dancing Queen" and "Fernando" from "Midnight Special" follow, and then it's TV appearances of "Take A Chance On Me" "Eagle," "Thank You For The Music" and "SOS." They then do "Hey Hey Helen" and "Mama Mia" from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (the complete appearance of this is on ABBA #4), and then Japanese TV with "Dancing Queen," "Take A Chance On Me," "Summernight City," and "Thank You For The Music." Agnetha then does "The Heat is On" and "I Can't Shake Loose" in a TV appearance.

Then it's 1974 on Momarkedet with "Waterloo," early 80's footage, and a 1982 interview with Benny and Bjorn. Agnetha and Thomas do their duet, followed by an "SOS" TV appearance, as well as finishing up with "If It Wasn't For The Night," comedy on English TV with "Thank You For The Music," and finally "Chititita." Good to great quality, approx. 2 hours, a classic compilation!


Quite possibly our most popular ABBA video! This
2 hour video starts off with the 1979 segment
from 20/20, great interview and amazing footage!
Then it's American Bandstand from 1975 where
the group performs "SOS" and "I Do I Do I Do
I Do I Do." Then it's incredible footage of ABBA
getting on an airplane with an on-flight interview,
where you also see a great alternate video of "SOS!"
Then it's ABBA at their zenith - on the Studio 2
show, where they descend from a giant staircase
in their amazing white robe outfits to perform
"Dancing Queen," "My Love My Life," "When I Kissed
The Teacher," "Knowing me Knowing You," "Money Money
Money" and "Fernando." This is indeed incredible footage!

Then it's on to the legendary "Dick Cavett Meets ABBA"
show where Dick does a great interview and ABBA then go
on into a full-blown live set of "Gimme Gimme Gimme,"
Souper Trouper," "Two For The Price Of One," "Slipping Through My Fingers," "Me & I," "Knowing Me Knowing You,"
"Summernight City," "Thank You For The Music," and "On
and On." Approx. 2 hours, quality from good to great,
this is truly a classic testimony to one of the greatest
bands of all time!


This ABBA video starts off with a bang and doesn't let up! It leads off with the amazing "Super Trouper TV Special" with great footage and interviews with all 4 members! Hear how they write songs and much more! You'll even see the ultra-rare "Super Trouper" LP TV commercial! Then it's French TV with wild performances of "The Winner Takes It All" and "Super Trouper." Then it's two "Live At Five" solo interviews, one with Frida and one with Agnetha on their solo careers from 1983. Then it's the Midnight Special TV show from 1978 where they do a special spotlight on ABBA, with host Wolfman Jack giving his take.

Then something a bit different - it's the band Erasure with some promo videos of their infamous ABBA covers, "Lay All Your Love On Me," "SOS," their legendary "Take A Chance On Me" promo and then "Voulez-Vous." Erasure's ABBA promos were done with tongue firmly in cheek but with a sincere intent on paying homage to their heroes! Then it's 3 songs live by what may be the greatest ABBA tribute band, the world famous "Bjorn Again" performing "Waterloo," "Money Money Money" and "Dancing Queen" in front of a masive outdoor crowd!

Then it's back to ABBA and some VERY rare clips - "Waterloo" from Swedish Fest 1975, "Waterloo" slightly cut from Swedish TV 1974, "SOS" on Dutch TV 1975, "SOS" on the 1975 Seaside Special, and the rumored-to-not-exist unbelievable 1973 footage of ABBA (not even known as ABBA yet!) of the mega-rare "People Need Love" from German TV, where the girls are not Frida and Agnetha! Maybe the most rare and surreal ABBA footage of them all! And finally, this wild collection finishes off with Frida performing "I Have A Dream" solo in 1985. Approx. 2 hours, good to great quality, this is a definite must-have for ABBA fans!


Yet another ABBA video full of rarities! This one starts
off with two Don Kirshner's Rock Concert appearances in
a row from 1976 and 1977, where ABBA perform "SOS," "Rock Me," "Dancing Queen," Fernando," "Mama Mia," "SOS, "Hey Hey Helen" (very rare performance), "Waterloo," "Rock Me" and "Mama Mia." Then it's on to a few specially created "fan-made promos" of "Dream World," "Happy Hawaii," "I Am The City" and "You Owe Me One."

Next is a funny clip from the TV show "Facts of Life" which centers around ABBA, and then it's on to many very rare promos, the first being some solo promos of the ABBA women, namely Frida's "Belle," "The Last Time" and "One Way Love (Dance Mix)" by Agnetha, and Frida again with "Min Egan Stad" and then one more Agnetha promo, "The Way You Are." Then it's back to ABBA business with "Waterloo" sung on TV in Swedish (cut a bit from the start), and then many foreign language versions of hit songs and their promos, which are different than their English promos! You'll see ""Hova Vitne," "Al Andar" ("Move On"), "Gracias Por La Musica" ("Thank You For The Music"), "No Hay A Quien Culpar" ("When All Is Said And Done"), "Conociendome" ("Knowing Me Knowing You," incredible!), amd "Felicidad" ("Happy New Year"). Very wild footage! Then it's the comics-effect version of the "Bang-A-Boomerang" promo and finally a TV spot where ABBA's finances are discussed in 1984. The rare foreign promos are OK quality, not mint but definitely good enough for collector's to have! Good to great quality, approx. 105 minutes!


This wild compilation starts off with some Agnetha solo on the Mike Zee show, performing "One Way Love" and "I Won't Let You Go," as well as doing a great interview and giving her thoughts on ABBA and their status at the time! Agnetha then does a great "Can't Shake Loose" TV appearance. She then does "The Heat is On" in front of a really large TV show crowd, and then "Never Again," her duet! And then "The Last Time" on TV where she even has a band onstage! Plus a decent interview from this appearance as well!

Then it's on to ABBA with "If It Weren't For The Nights" and some nice split-screen TV action! The girls look especially great here, all dressed in black and strutting their stuff! Then a funny interview with comedy on British TV and "Thank You For The Music." Then it's "I Have A Dream" on Late Breakfast in 1982, and a great 1982 interview where ABBA gets asked some very funny questions and give likewise answers! On the same show they perform "Under Attack" and then do another interview, very revealing, and Bjorn has a great reaction when the group is asked about splitting up! They also perform "Thank You For The Music" here. FRida has some TV appearances with "Something Going On" (nice blue stage) and "Baby Don't You Cry No More."

The next part of this comp kicks off with the ultra-rare "ABBA Made In Sweden" special, where you see ABBA being delivered in a crate on a loading dock! ABBA performs "Mama Mia," "I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do" and "So Long," in very great footage! The "I Do..." segment is especially nice, ABBA in some excellent footage taken of them in a field! Then it's on to some very early rare footage, where they perform "Honey Honey," "Waterloo," "Waterloo" and "Honey Honey." The last two songs are especially incredible because you see ABBA at their wildest and "glammest," with Benny wearing feathers, Frida and her early perm, Agnetha with her *very* revealing glittery outfit, and Bjorn playing his wildest guitar and wearing a big cape!! How can you go wrong! The couples are even flirting with each other during this set! This amazing ABBA compilation is approx. 2 hours and is in good to great quality, not to be missed!


This video concentrates on the great Agnetha, in a wild mix of solo appearances and performances. First up is an interview from 1985 on the show Gast at Hagges, this show is not in English but it has a number of great moments, such as an early b/w clip of pre-ABBA Agnetha singing live, and a clip from a very early solo music video where she gets into a jet fighter! Other moments on the show include how she even chops food while singing, singing with the band from her guest seat, a clip of her on the silver screen, and more assorted craziness! She even plays a little piano! After the show, you see some footage of Benny with an orchestra, just for the heck of it!

Then it's Agnetha singing "I Stand Alone" and "Shine" on the Klina Mina show from 1987, with an interview not in English but fun. Then it's more TV with "Here I Am" and some wine! Then it's a quick clip of Agnetha in the studio singing "Take The Money And Run." Then more non-English TV with performances of "The Heat Is On" and another with a rocking duet with "Fly Like An Eagle" and then getting slower with "The Way You Are."


ABBA shines in these rare performances! First you see
the group on the Musikladen TV Special performing
"Waterloo," "Honey Honey," "Tropical Love Den" (amazing!),
"SOS," "Rock Me," "Dancing Queen," "Mama Mia," "I've
Been Waiting For You," "Fernando" and "So Long," an
incredible mix or popular and rare songs! From there you
will see "Dancing Queen" on the 1976 Disco Show, and
"Dancing Queen" on the Midnight Special TV show circa
1976. Then you will see the famous 1979 tour documentary
with much footage off and on stage, where ABBA performs
"Waterloo," "Eagle," "I Have A Dream" and many, many more!
Great quality all around, this video is a must have! Approx.
100 minutes!


This great video concentrates on Frida, with tons
of wild rare appearances and performances! First you'll
see her sing her deut "As Long As I Have You" on the
French Tv show Champs Elysses. "I'm A Woman" and "Shine"
are next as well as a great interview where Frida reveals
how she feels about ABBA reuniting! Then you'll see "Shine"
from the Mike Zee show, "Something Going On" from French
TV and an appearance with "To Turn The Stone," "I See
Red" and "Something Going On."

More wild TV appearances follow with "Here I Stay," "Shine" from Countdown, "To Turn The Stone" from Germany, "To
Turn The Stone" from Holland with interview, and another
interview with "To Turn The Stone." Then it's "Here We'll
Stay" from Cadence Parade where you'll also see many wild
odd "act outs" of ABBA songs, then "Here We'll Stay,"
and another performance of "Here Well Stay." Quality ranges
from good to great, and video is approx. 80 minutes. A
great solo showcase of Frida, one of the magical voices
of ABBA!


On this extra-length video, you will see two main
programs. The first being "ABBA The Movie," the incredible
motion picture from 1978 starring ABBA! A reporter will
go to any lengths to get the interview with ABBA he so
desperately wants, and needs! Lots of great ABBA live footage as well as off-stage. This has a few seconds out of the middle (no dialogue) but it does not effect the film in any way! Great quality! Then it's the wild Bravo ABBA documentary, brand new and it great quality as well! This extra-length video is on a T-160 video!


Each video is $20.00, with a special of $70.00 for any 4 videos (save 10 dollars), and $150.00 for all 9 videos which includes the two CDRs as well. Or, if you'd like all 9 videos but not that CDRs, the cost is $140.00.

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